We are highly specialized in a very small niche: we drastically improve 5G/4G LTE hotspots, routers, and modems performance!

Most definitely, a company can't get anymore specialized than us! If you have a hotspot, modem, or router, that works with 5G or 4G LTE (or both), we will simply boost it's performance to new heights, and we've been doing this since 2008! So how important is our mission? We believe it's of uttermost importance, because your productivity is directly related to your internet connection speed, well unless you're working offline, which would make you quite an exception in today's "Cloud World"!

We can help you if you have a poorly-performing 4G/5G LTE device, or even a barely working one. We can take speeds of 1 MBPS to 10-20 MBPS, and speeds of 10 MBPS to 30-50 MBPS. We have had many customers that reached speeds of 80 MBPS using our systems, in areas of almost no signal, such as "no bars" or "one bar".

So how do our systems work? Well, first of all you need to already have a 4G/5G LTE router in your home, installed and properly working (well except for the slow speed that affects it), and then we will get into the picture to resolve your router's poor performance. Our antenna systems are so powerful that we guarantee satisfaction, or we will lose money by sending you a prepaid return label and refunding 100% of your payment, for up to 30 days from the system's arrival to you. Only a company that firmly believes in its products can offer such guarantee, and we're extremely confident that we will drastically increase your router's data speeds!

For more details, please see our FAQ at the bottom of this page, or contact us using Live Chat (we are usually online from 4 am CST to 3 pm CST, yes, we wake up very, very early...).

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Introducing WirEng®'s Newest Ultra-Long-Range MIMO Antenna Set, The WideAnt2-Plus-5G™

The WideAnt2-Plus-5G™ by WirEng® Is The Latest, Ultra-High Gain, Ultra-Long Range, True MIMO, True 5G Cellular Antenna Set!

Configure Your WideAnt2-Plus-5G™

You can configure your WideAnt2-Plus-5G according to your needs, such as adding coaxial cables to the set, choosing their length, adding lighting-strike protection, etc. See our WideAnt2-Plus-5G page for all details!

The WideAnt2-5G-MIMO™ by WirEng® Supports Every Possible Cellular Band, Wordwide

The WideAnt2-5G-MIMO™ by WirEng® Is The Only Antenna Currently In The Market Supporting Every Possible Cellular Band, Wordwide!

Configure Your WideAnt2-5G-MIMO™

You can configure your WideAnt2-5G-MIMO according to your needs, such as adding coaxial cables to the set, choosing their length, adding lighting-strike protection, etc. See our WideAnt2-5G-MIMO page for all details!

See Our Latest 5G Antennas and Antennas Sets for Maximum Download and Upload Data Speeds

We have discontinued all products that only support 4G, since 5G is taking over the world very quickly! With one of our 5G antennas or antenna sets, you can rest 100% assured that you will never have to upgrade again! All WirEng®'s 5G antennas support even the lowest cellular bands, such the 500 MHz bands, and the highest cellular bands, such as the 6,000 MHz bands, and of course any bands in the middle (which means backward-compatible with any previous technology, such as 4G LTE, 3G, etc.)! No other antennas in the market today can do so, because other antennas are (at the most) multi-band, but never ultra-wide band!

No Other Antennas In The World Match WirEng®'s Performance! Try a WirEng®'s Set for Free Now!

We're so sure that you'll agree that we'll let you try one of our sets 100% free! Simply order from us, and after you receive your set, feel free to compare it to any other set you may find elsewhere, and if you ship our product back without 30 days from its arrival to you, we'll even pay for the return shipping and issue a full, 100% refund to you! You will see a terrific upload and download data speed increase, or we will give you all your money back upon receiving your return! Simply use the online chat feature or our simple contact form to tell us that you're returning the set, and you're done, without any hassle whatsoever!

sohoBoost Frequently Asked Questions

We update our FAQ very often, and we apply the questions we receive every day from potential customers when they could pertain to more than one person. Please help us improve this FAQ post by reaching out with any questions, doubts, or concerns via our Live Chat or via email, which is sohoboost@gmail.com (you may also ask us to call you by sending us your phone number and the best time to call you, and we gladly will).

Question: I don't have internet at home (I just have a cell phone). How do I get internet at home if the cable company can't install it in my area?

Answer: You will need a 4G/5G LTE hotspot/modem/router to get your internet at home. We can help you find the best one, simply email us at sohoboost@gmail.com and you'll be on your way to have your home internet system in no time.

Question: I have internet at home, but it's too slow. How do I get fast internet at my home?

Answer: You will need a 4G/5G LTE hotspot/modem/router to get your internet at home. We can help you find the best one, simply email us at sohoboost@gmail.com and you'll be on your way to have your home internet system in no time.

Question: What plans do you offer?

Answer: We only sell equipment and do not offer any home internet plans at this time, so you will need to shop around for a router/modem/hotspot plan with your current service provider, or with another provider of your choice. At this time, we only sell the equipment, which is 100% compatible with any carrier.

Question: Who will install your system in my house?

Answer: At this time we do not have a network of installers yet, however the level of difficulty to install our system is the same as that of installing a normal TV antenna, so most likely there will be an installed able to easily take care of it in your area, or you may also do it on your own, using caution in cases where climbing to the roof is necessary.

Question: I don't want to go through the troubles of installing a system and then get only a small improvement. How sure can I be that the improvement will be quite drastic?

Answer: Unless you're already achieving top speeds without our system (i.e., near the limits of your device ad/or cellular carrier) we guarantee a drastic improvement in data speeds, stability, continuity, and latency. Only rarely we had customers that were already at a 60-80 MBPS download speed and wanted to see the improvements, and they only achieved 70-85 MBPS with our system (although with less latency and more stability), so it's best to contact us before buying our system, and we will estimate the improvement for you.

Question: I have a T-Mobile KVD21 that doesn't perform very well (at times it does, at time it doesn't), can I buy your MIMO system for it?

Answer: Unfortunately the T-Mobile KVD21 is a budget, consumer device, that will not accept any expansion, so we recommend purchasing a top-performing industrial router, and we can recommend some excellent ones from our partners.

Question: I'm ready to buy your system (because I already have a hotspot/modem/router or I'm buying one at the same time as your system). Where do I buy your system?

Answer: Below our videos for the WideAnt2-Plus-5G (highest possible gain) or the WideAnt2-5G (still high gain but less expensive) you will find the links to the corresponding pages, and don't forget to enter discount code DISC53PC to get an instant 53% off at checkout.

Question: Is returning the equipment for a full refund really hassle-free?

Answer: Yes, we promise a super simple, hassle free return, in fact you can request a prepaid return label via live chat, email, or via phone, and we will help you in real time, hassle-free!

In summary...we’re specialists in s a very small “niche of a niche” sector--we help people who already have a 4G LTE router get much better data speeds from it.

If you have a modem, router, hotspot, that works with your cellular carrier to get your home/office Wi-Fi, then we can definitely help, by making it much faster.

If you’re around 1 to 5 MBPS now, then our system is a must, as internet at such low speed is almost worthless. We will bring you up to 20-40 MBPS and we guarantee it, 100%, or we’ll give you 100% of your money back.

If your 4G LTE modem’s speed is around 20 MBPS in download, we absolutely recommend our system, to at least double, or even triple, your download data speed.

If you’re already enjoying speeds above 20 MBPS, but want a performance similar to cable modems, then our system will take you up to 50-90 MBPS.

You can try our system for free. If you don’t get the desired results, returning our system to us is very easy, because we will even send you a prepaid return label and pick up the system from you (you won’t even have to bother calling UPS or FedEx to schedule a pickup—we will gladly do it for you).

See it to believe it: Upon seeing our system, you’ll be amazed at the high standards in quality it possesses. WirEng® makes these antennas and all of its components one by one, hereby removing all the shortcomings and compromises of mass production.

With WirEng®, there is an abyss in quality and performance: Compared to “imitation antennas”, and even if you’re not technically savvy you will immediately see the extremely visible and touchable differences between cheap, imitation components and WirEng®’s components. We have absolutely no doubt about it.

We’re not salesmen: Companies that sell “imitation antennas”, making outrageous false claims about performance and gain, are just "trade people", that is, businessmen that are skilled in marketing and sales, and nothing else. They have no idea about the incredibly complex Laws of Physics at work, because they never studied physics. They’re simply in the market to make some quick profit, rootlessly telling you whatever you want to hear and selling at whatever price is acceptable to you. Somehow, they can live with themselves making false claims and seeing a disproportionate return rate on their sales, and this is something that we could never do. These “imitation antenna” fraudsters simple buy cheap Chinese products, re-brand them, and resell them, something that any unscrupulous person could easily do, well if such person could live with himself while doing that...

To learn more about WirEng®'s industrial and semi-industrial extensive product line, you can visit their website at https://wireng.com/