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WideAnt2-Plus-5G™ for Netgear MR5100 True MIMO Dual Antenna Set Ultra High Gain 5G NR Sub-6 with 4G and 3G fallback

SKU: 6041184606620

The WideAnt2-Plus-5G™ is the only antenna system in the market today that is fully compatible with all Netgear MR5100 bands. Why? Because no other antenna in the world supports LTE band n71 (600 MHz 5G) and B71 (600 MHz LTE)! You can see a list of the enormous quantities of bands that the WideAnt2-Plus-5G™ supports here (opens in new tab/window), except for n258, n260, and n261, which are not sub-6GHz bands.

The Highest Quality, Best Performing Solution for the Pepwave Max BR1 (instead of cheap imitation plastic products from China)!

  • Reach fantastic download and upload speeds, or your money back!
  • True 2x2 MIMO (two independent antennas and cables, for dual-antenna devices such as the Netgear MR5100)
  • Up to 5 times faster data speeds then with imitation antennas!
  • Enjoy the durability and efficiency of stainless steel and gold!
  • Includes extremely thick, 400-grade coaxial cables for extreme efficiency!
  • Zero worries about compatibility: All operators supported!
  • Outstanding tech support from engineers, not salesmen!
  • Connects directly to the Netgear MR5100 (strain-relief adapters included)!
  • Everything is 24K-Gold plated (antenna and cable connectors)!
  • Stainless steel hardware for extremely durability and climate resistance!
  • Outstanding resistance to extreme winds
  • Two 32.8 feet (10 meters) 400-series cables included, for direct connection to the Netgear MR5100
  • Stainless steel MIMO arm included
  • Simply add your own pole/tube/pipe and your Netgear MR5100, all other hardware is included (pole diameter should be between 1.2" to 2.5")
  • Extended 2-year warranty included
  • Patent pending

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