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MIMOMount4™Multi-Polarization MIMO 4x4 Quad Antenna Mount Slanted/Cross Horizontal Vertical Tilt Feature 100% Stainless Steel Marine Grade Reinforced


The MIMOMount4™ by WirEng® is the world's first multi-polarized antenna mount, invented by WirEng® to significantly enhance radio waves reception and transmission by mounting your antennas in configurations matching your service provider broadcasting method. With the MIMOMount4™ by WirEng® you'll be able to mount compatible antennas in many different MIMO polarization modes, namely the slanted/cross MIMO polarization (±45° from the vertical) and the horizontal+vertical MIMO polarization mode, all with perfect symmetry. The MIMOMount4™by WirEng® is made for MIMO 4x4 compliance, and also features five different inclination modes, namely strong uptilt, mild uptilt, no tilt, mild downtilt, and strong downtilt. The MIMOMount4™by WirEng® requires no horizontal and vertical distance guessing because all spacings are Predetermined by design, and is therefore very easy to install. The MIMOMount4™ by WirEng® and it's included components are made of top-quality, ultra-strong, eternally-durable marine-grade stainless steel 304 and is virtually indestructible. This latest version of the MIMOMount4™ by WirEng® also includes the world's first ever U-Shields (teeth) that are made 100% of marine-grade stainless steel, for added strength and stability against strong winds. The MIMOMount4™ by WirEng® is made one by one with highly skilled craftsmanship and extreme attention to details. The MIMOMount4™ by WirEng® comes with our extended two-year warranty. Patent pending.

Main Features

  • Best Possible Solution for MIMO 4x4 Systems
  • Predetermined Horizontal and Vertical Spacing for Best SINR/CINR
  • Extremely Strong, Marine-Grade All-Steel Hardware
  • Multi-Uptilt and Downtilt Feature to Compensate for Differences in Altitude
  • Industrial / Military / Marine Grade SUS304 Arm and Mounting Hardware
  • Extremely Strong Resistance to Wind and All Weather Conditions
  • Allows All Polarization Types (Vertical, Horizontal, Forward-Slanted, Back-Slanted)
  • Ultra-Extended Operating Temperature Range of -90° to +350° C
  • Compatible with Hundreds of Antennas Worldwide
  • Extremely Simple, Intuitive Installation
  • IP67 Rating (Protected Against Dust, Strong Water Jets, and Waves)
  • UL94 V-0 Flammability Rating
  • USA and International Trademark Current. Patent Pending

Technical Specifications

  • Operating frequency range, MHz: -
  • Radiation type: -
  • Polarization: Slanted/Slanted, Slanted/Vertical, Slanted/Horizontal, Vertical/Vertical, Vertical/Horizontal, Horizontal/Horizontal
  • Nominal impedance, Ohm: -
  • Acceptable impedance range, Ohm: -
  • Signal gain, dBi: -
  • VSWR: -
  • IM3 intermodulation, dBc: -
  • Radome material: -
  • Shield material: -
  • Internal elements main material: Stainless Steel
  • Bolt/nuts/washers/lockers material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Wind resistance, kmh: 350
  • Storage temperature, °C: -150 to 800
  • Environmental rating: -
  • Connector type: -
  • Mount type: -
  • Flammability Rating: -
  • International Protection Marking: -
  • Weight, kg (pounds): 3.92 kg (8.64 lbs)
  • Dimensions, cm (inches):
  • Suitable markets: Worldwide
  • Warranty: 2 Years