The sohoBoost™ 5G Solution

Now that 5G is cheaper than ever, we'll help you get it anywhere, even in very remote areas!

Sure, you can also get satellite internet in remote areas, but at what cost? The yearly cost of unilimited 5G is now around $360 per year, whereas satellite internet costs a prohibitive $1,320 a year, which is amost 400% more!

Furthermore, with 5G, you can now get speeds of up to 10 times faster than satellite internet. So, in the end, you're paying almost 400% more to get, at times, as little as 10 times less in speeds, which means that you're getting something that is up to 40 times inferior when you choose satellite over 5G!

Our 5G antenna systems will help you when you have a poorly-performing 4G/5G LTE device, or even a barely working one (because of an extremely low signal). We can take speeds of 20 MBPS to 40-80 MBPS, and speeds of 100 MBPS to 500 to 1,500 MBPS (yes, that's 1.5 GBPS!).

Other company doesn't sell "ornamental antennas", that is, "antennas" that only move the signal from one place to another, but offer no signal gain. Our antenna systems are so powerful that we guarantee satisfaction, or we will lose money by sending you a prepaid return label and refunding 100% of your payment, for up to 30 days from the system's arrival to you. Only a company that firmly believes in its products can offer such guarantee, and we're extremely confident that we will drastically increase your router's data speeds!